About Us

MyComputer Repair is a computer repair specialist in Malaysia who does onsite and in-home computer repairs. We help home users and small businesses repair computers, laptops and electronic devices such as phones and iPads. We help to solve many common computer, laptop, Macbook and phone problems such as PC, phone and iPad repair, data recovery, virus removal, improve computer speed and many more other repair services.

About Us

Top Computer Repair Company in Malaysia

MyComputer Repair is an established and trusted top computer repair company in Kuala Lumpur(KL) and Petaling Jaya(PJ). We have technicians who are well trained and qualified to repair customers’ computers and electronic devices satisfactorily and efficiently. Customers in the Klang Valley are very satisfied with the service rendered by MyComputer Repair throughout the years. Just contact us if you want your computer fixed. We will not disappoint you. 

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Why Choose Us?

Satisfactory Repair Services – MyComputer Repair is a specialist when it comes to repairing computers because we have have successfully repaired many computer, laptop and phones throughout the years. There is no computer problems that we can’t solve.

Efficient Repair Services – We have solved and repaired many computer problems and returned them to the customers within the promised timeframe. We are proud to say that we are never late in delivering repaired computers, laptops and phones back to the clients.

Affordable Repair Services – Our charges for computer repair services have been affordable and that has kept customers coming back to us for more computer repair services because they know that we are honest and we do not simply charge unjustified exorbitant prices. Our customers are very satisfied and happy with our computer repair charges.

Qualified and Professional Technicians – Our technicians are qualified and well trained to do computer repair jobs. They have gone through rigorous training before they are officially hired by us. Hence, you can be assured that your computers, laptops and electronic devices such as phones that need repair are in good capable hands. We will get your device repaired, don’t worry!

Trusted and Honest Technicians – The technicians at MyComputer Repair are honest workers who do repair jobs with dedication and professionalism. Do not worry that your data will be stolen or copied because we have very stringent hiring process and a very tight CCTV security camera area where the technicians operate. Furthermore, these technicians have very good track record and they have been with us for years since the company was established.

Good Track Record – MyComputer Repair is an established computer repair company with a good track record throughout the years in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. We have been operating since 2016 and we have served many customers with dedication, responsibility and professionalism. Many customers in the Klang Valley have also become our repeat customers and they have come back to us with their faulty computers for us to repair. We would like to thank our customers who have trusted us and supported us all these years. With our good track record, you can be confident that we can repair your computers satisfactorily and efficiently.


Satisfactory Repair Services

Efficient Repair Services

Affordable Repair Services

Qualified and Professional Technicians

Trusted and Honest Technicians

Good Track Record