Data Recovery Services Malaysia

Looking for data recovery services Malaysia? Usually when customers come to us, MyComputer Repair, for data recovery services, they have worried looks because they depend on us to retrieve the data from the devices that have crashed. Customers who do not have a saved copy of the lost files depend on us to save their lives as the data in the crashed computers mean “life and death” to them. We understand the feeling of the customers and the importance of our job and that is why we always do our very best.  Data recovery is crucial and that is why it is also a billion dollar IT industry. If your computers crash and you need data recovery services, just send it to us and we will get it done for you. We will bring your broken PC, laptop and Mac back to life. We recover digital photos, pictures, videos, files, documents, etc. No matter what, remember to always save a copy of your hard drive as back up plan. We have done data recovery services for many consumers and small and medium businesses throughout our 5 years of operations and our track record has been impressive with clients being happy and satisfied.


What Is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is the process by which lost data on a storage device (usually a hard disk drive) is retrieved. This is typically done using special software on computer operating systems. The most common reasons for data loss are: logical errors in the file system, accidental deletion of files, software or hardware failure, and malicious action.

Reasons for Data Loss

There are three main reasons why you may lose data:

Accidental File Deletion : You may have deleted a file or folder by accident.

Data Destruction : There may have been a virus or trojan horse that your computer system could not handle.

Corrupted File System : Your file system may have been corrupted, causing data loss.

Disaster: Data destroyed by fire, flood, etc.

Whether you have a hard drive failure or a virus has infected your computer, data recovery can help you get back all of the data you need. The best thing you can do is find a reputable data recovery company.

If you’re looking for an option, consider us, MyComputer Repair. We are experts in data recovery. We will get back your lost data for you as soon as possible!


Steps To Take When You Have Lost Your Data

There are two main scenarios in which you may need to recover data. One is if your data has been lost but your computers and hard drives are intact – for example, if the files have been accidentally deleted or corrupted by a computer virus.

The other is if your data has been lost and your machines and hard drives are no longer usable either – for example, if there’s been an accident in the office such as a flood or a fire. In this case, it wouldn’t be just data recovery. It would be disaster recovery.

The steps below can apply to both scenarios but remember that the recovery process is much quicker – as fast as the same day – if you’re only recovering data. If you have to recover data AND repair/replace equipment, it can take up to a week unless you have preemptive measures put in place.

STEP 1: Stay Calm

Don’t panic and stay the course. The best thing you should do is to contact a professional. We don’t recommend to recover the data yourself but we realize a lot of people will try to do so anyway. We want to equip you with the knowledge you need to do it correctly. Proceed with caution because you could potentially make the situation worse.

STEP 2: Consider If The Data Is Worth Retrieving

If your business data has somehow become corrupt and/or lost, one of the first things you should do is consider whether the data loss warrants any form of recovery action. Is it worth the time, effort or money? For example, data that directly impacts your business’s operations, such as accounting and financial files, are vital and you’ll want (and need) them back at any cost. But anything else that seems fairly unimportant and can easily be replicated can be reconsidered.

STEP 3: Check Your Backups

Now that you’ve decided which data is worth retrieving and which isn’t, it’s time to check your backups. Often it’s only when people lose data that they realise the importance of backing up data. It’s extremely important that you backup your data at regular intervals, otherwise you could end up losing the battle and your data could be lost forever.

In the case of accidental deletion, your files can still be recovered by using File History in Windows PC and Time Machine in Mac if you have emptied the recycling bin.

In addition, it’s also very important that you test your backups to make sure you can restore data when you need to.

Checking and testing your backups will determine whether anything can be recovered via this means. The more regularly you back up, the less data you might lose. But of course, you need to see when and what the last bit of ‘clean’ data was so you can evaluate how essential the recovery process is. Perhaps the last clean file was from yesterday and in which case, you’d only lose a day’s work. Can you easily replicate that lost work? Now, what if the last clean file was from last year? Can you still replicate that lost work as easily?

STEP 4: Is Your Hard Drive Intact?

So you’ve lost your vital files and they can’t easily be replicated. What do you do now? If your hard drive and machines are still intact, it’s time to reel in the experts. There are many articles, blogs and posts that may tell you to use DIY recovery solutions. While these might seem cost effective, you may end up doing more irreversible harm than good to your files. Avoid doing any more damage and call a recovery professional for help. 

If your data is lost and you don’t have a functioning hard drive, you should also call a data recovery professional to fix the hard drive and try to recover the data.

STEP 5: Contact us at MyComputer Repair For Data Recovery Services

Data recovery is a complicated and complex process. It requires technical skills and know-how. We do not recommend you to do it on your own. WhatsApp or call us today to get a free quote. Send your device in to us so that we can fix it and recover the data for you as soon as possible.


STEP1: Stay Calm

STEP 2: Consider If The Data Is Worth Retrieving

STEP3: Check Your Backups

STEP 4: Is Your Hard Drive Intact?

STEP 5: Contact Us, at MyComputer Repair For Data Recovery Services

Four Phases Of Data Recovery

Usually, there are four phases when it comes to successful data recovery, though that can vary depending on the type of data corruption and recovery required.

Phase 1

Repair the hard disk drive

The hard drive is repaired in order to get it running in some form, or at least in a state suitable for reading the data from it. For example, if heads are bad they need to be changed; if the PCB is faulty then it needs to be fixed or replaced; if the spindle motor is bad the platters and heads should be moved to a new drive.

Phase 2

Image the drive to a new drive or a disk image file

When a hard disk drive fails, the importance of getting the data off the drive is the top priority. The longer a faulty drive is used, the more likely further data loss is to occur. Creating an image of the drive will ensure that there is a secondary copy of the data on another device, on which it is safe to perform testing and recovery procedures without harming the source.

Phase 3

Logical recovery of files, partition, MBR and filesystem structures

After the drive has been cloned to a new drive, it is suitable to attempt the retrieval of lost data. If the drive has failed logically, there are a number of reasons for that. Using the clone it may be possible to repair the partition table or master boot record (MBR) in order to read the file system’s data structure and retrieve stored data.

Phase 4

Repair damaged files that were retrieved

Data damage can be caused when, for example, a file is written to a sector on the drive that has been damaged. This is the most common cause in a failing drive, meaning that data needs to be reconstructed to become readable. Corrupted documents can be recovered by several software methods or by manually reconstructing the document using a hex editor.

What Is The Cost Of Data Recovery?

The cost of data recovery at MyComputer Repair depends on the complexity of the repair, the number of man-hours required for the repair, the skills and education background of the technician, whether it’s on-site, in-home or in MyComputer Repair headquaters repair, the tools, hardware replacement and software required for the job. There is no one fixed cost for all the data recovery cases. However, we make sure to deliver the data recovery services according to the customer’s needs and at a price that they can afford.

Why Data Recovery Services Are Needed?

Data recovery services are necessary to help clients in data loss situations. There are many situations that can cause data loss, such as having a hard drive crash, accidentally deleting files, or some other hardware failures. However, an individual can also lose data if they do not back up their data on a regular basis or if they do not update and maintain their computers. As you can see, there are many reasons why you may need data recovery services. However, if you have not backed up your data or if your computer or hard drive is in need of repair and you need to have data recovered, data recovery services can be your best bet.

A hard drive crash is a stressful experience—the sudden loss of valuable data can be devastating, and if you don’t have a backup you may lose irreplaceable files. If your hard drive fails, you may not think to contact a data recovery service, but this is exactly what you need to do. Data recovery services can extract your information from the damaged drive and deliver it to you in a form you can use, whether it’s a replacement hard drive or a data disc.

Common Causes of Data Loss

Data loss can occur due to multiple reasons such as virus or malware attack, damaged/corrupted files, unexpected system shutdown, unrecognized format, natural disasters, theft and much more. Human error is also one of the most important and common causes of data loss.

Importance of Data Recovery Services

Picture this.

You are working on an important project with the deadline a few hours away. Suddenly your computer/laptop goes blank.

Your system going blank is an indication of an imminent system crash, hard disk failure or some other grave problem.

Your heartbeat stops. This means a loss of all your valuable data and even valuable hard work!

We have all been there. With some differences in the picture here and there, we have all been victims of a data loss. Be it on a personal or professional level. And we all know how traumatic and chaotic that can be!

This where data recovery services bring in a fresh lease of life.

Though the data appears to be irretrievable and lost, in reality, it is still recoverable with the help of professional data recovery software and advanced data recovery services.

Growing Importance of Data Recovery Services

The Digital Era has made paper files and documents redundant.

It has reaped benefits for all as a paper is prone to easy damage and has a limited lifespan. However, there are times when technology can fail us in the most unexpected ways. This is why the importance of data recovery services is growing.

Every desktop or laptop has at least one hard disk drive in it. Thus, it is the most common digital media for storage. Additionally, external media like SSDs, SD cards, USB drives are also commonly used as backup or secondary data storage devices.

Such devices store volumes of business-critical and/or personal data, the loss of which can cause huge personal and monetary damage.

Data recovery software is often used for data recovery due to logical damage to internal/external storage devices. However, in the case of physical damage to storage media, data recovery software is ineffective.

This is where providers of data recovery services need to intervene.