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Looking for hard disk repair Malaysia? We, at MyComputer Repair, hard disk repair services for crashed and faulty laptops and personal computers (PC). It is not an easy task to repair a faulty hard disk. We are proud to say that we are one of the few reputable computer repair experts in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor which can repair computer hard disks satisfactorily. For computer repairs in Malaysia, just count on us to get your computer repaired quickly.

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If your computer is making odd noises, or you notice it’s running slower than it used to, your hard disk may be to blame. The hard disk is a crucial component in your computer, storing all your programs and files. It’s important to take care of your hard disk so it will last a long time. When a hard disk fails, your computer can start to lose data and can even stop working all together. Disk repair is an option when you begin to notice problems with your hard disk.

If you are the proud owner of a computer then you have to be aware of the fact that a computer is a machine and like any other machine it will break down. The hard disk of the computer is one of the most important parts of it and when it stops working you will have to get in touch with the best computer hard disk repair services offered in your area.

Hard drives are an integral part of any computer system, and they are also one of the most common reasons for a computer to break. Hard drives are responsible for storing all of your important documents, photos, videos, music, games, and more. With this much data on the line, it’s no wonder that hard drives are subject to many different types of problems.

Computer hard disk repair is a delicate process. If you don’t have the right tools, the job can cost you more money than you thought. Repairing a faulty hard disk is a delicate job, especially considering how these devices are the backbone of the computer. The most common problems hard disk owners have consist of a clicking or grinding sound, not spinning up at all, dying after a certain amount of time, or crashing the computer. Anyway, if your computer is not working properly or you have a hard disk problem, don’t worry, just send your laptop or computer over to us at MyComputer Repair and we will repair it for you. Contact us at +60193599420 now for a free quote now and we will be happy to assist you. You may also click on the GREEN WhatsApp button on the bottom right of the page to WhatsApp us.

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What is a Hard Disk?

A hard disk is part of a unit — often called a disk drivehard drive or hard disk drive — that stores and provides relatively quick access to large amounts of data on an electromagnetically charged surface or set of surfaces. Today’s computers typically come with a hard disk that can contain anywhere from billions to trillions of bytes of storage.

A hard disk is actually a set of stacked disks, like phonograph records. Each disk has data recorded electromagnetically in concentric circles, or tracks, on the disk. A head, similar to a phonograph arm but in a relatively fixed position, writes or reads the information on the tracks. Two heads, one on each side of a disk, read or write the data as the disk spins. Each read or write operation requires that data be located, an operation called a seek. Data already in a disk cache, however, will be located more quickly.

A hard disk/drive unit comes with a set rotation speed varying from 4,200 revolutions per minute to 15,000 rpm. Most laptop and desktop PCs use hard disks that fall between 5,400 rpm and 7,200 rpm, while hard disks at higher rpm can be found in high-end workstations and enterprise servers. Disk access time is measured in milliseconds. Although the physical location of data can be identified with cylinder, track and sector locations, these are actually mapped to a logical block address (LBA) that works with the larger address range on hard disks.

Hard disks remain a popular data storage option for consumers and enterprises, in spite of the growing popularity and rapidly lowering cost of nonvolatile solid-state flash memory in the form of solid-state drives (SSDs). SSDs fit into the same external and internal drive bays as their HDD counterparts. SSDs may be much faster, more durable and draw less power than hard disks, but they are also more expensive. SSDs are considered a better fit for applications that demand high performance, while HDDs are more often used for high-capacity use cases.

How Does a Hard Disk Work?

Since magnetic hard disks are still the most commonly used variety of drives, we will consider its example to explain how it works. Ideally, it is a cylindrical unit that consists of various magnetic plates. Each plate is divided into numerous tracks and sectors. The plate consists of minute units that are used to store data in a binary form (0 or 1). A spindle is located in the middle of the disk that rotates the unit. Now, whenever we wish to access or store data, a read/write head is moved to a particular area. The spindle rotates the drive and the head either reads or writes the data on it.

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What are the different types of hard disks?

Ideally, hard disks can be distinguished into different categories on the basis of numerous parameters like these:

  • On the basis of technology: Mostly, hard disks can either be HDD (Hard Drive Disk) or an SSD (Solid State Drive). HDDs are based on magnetic disks, have slow processing, and are cheaper. Since they have a read/write head, they produce a sound while operating. On the other hand, SSDs are based on flash memory and does not produce any sound. They are safer, faster, and more expensive.
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  • On the basis of use: Hard disks can also be categorized as internal or external. An internal drive is the native storage of the system which is placed inside the unit. An external drive is an extended storage unit that is used to take a backup or transfer data. It can be connected to the system via a USB cable.
  • On the basis of size and format: Needless to say, hard disks can be of different sizes ranging from gigabytes to terabytes and of various disk formats.

Which type of hard drive is the best?

Since Solid State Drives (SSDs) are newer and more advanced, they are considered better than HDDs. Not only are they faster, but they are also more secure than a magnetic disk. This is because the data stored in an HDD can’t be tampered with using a magnet. Also, its speed and overall performance are better than an HDD.















14. HEAT

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How To Tell If A Hard Disk Is Failing?

Before a hard drive fails entirely, it gives us certain signs that we should not ignore. Here are some of the major symptoms of hard drive problems that we should take seriously.

Sign 1. Hard drive clicking sound

A lot of times, users complain of a peculiar clicking sound made by the hard drive’s head. It usually happens when there is an inconsistent power supply for the disk or physical damage on one of the plates.

Sign 2. Access Denied

When users try to access the disk or a partition, they often get the access denied prompt. This means that the system can’t locate the hard disk or a particular partition in it. A loose connection or corrupt storage can trigger this event.

Sign 3. Repeated crashing

If the computer or the hard drive crashes repeatedly, then consider it as one of the vital symptoms of a bad hard drive. The disk can stop working out of the blue anytime.

Sign 4. Inaccessibility of data

There are times when the data stored in the disk is lost or inaccessible. This is both, a hard drive problem as well as a symptom for further issues.

Sign 5. OS can’t be loaded

While booting the system, you might get a recovery screen stating that the system can’t load/locate certain files. This is directly related to a hard drive malfunction.

Sign 6. Abort, Retry, Fail?

This is again one of the common hard disk failure symptoms as it occurs when the system can’t locate the entire OS or some crucial files. It means the system has aborted an operation, retried, and failed.

Sign 7. Sector not found

Sometimes, the hard disk can have a bad sector or two. In this case, your computer will inform you the same by displaying a similar warning message. This can be major hard disk problem symptoms that you should not ignore.

Top 7 Causes of Hard Disk Failure

Human error

It’s simple human nature, we humans have a propensity to make certain common mistakes.  Our failed handling of a hard disk drive device is no exception. From accidental deletion of files to a dropping of the disk drive, human error is almost always unintentional (we hope!) and is the most common reason that a hard disk drive will fail.

Hardware Failure

Problems with the hardware component found in the hard drive itself is another top reason for drive failure. Despite more than 50 years of development history, a hard disk drive is still far from perfect. In these type of cases, hardware failure often leads to physical damage.  This is due to the read/write heads touching or gouging into the device’s disks which causes damage to the platter’s magnetic surfaces.  This is known as a head crash and the damage can lead to permanent data loss. Additional problems can also occur with the controller board of the drive and can also lead to permanent failure.

Firmware corruption

A few years past a problem known as BSY error became an issue in some series of drives produced by Seagate, which caused these hard disk drives to fail. Firmware corruption such as this, may cause a disk to become unreadable, and cause data loss.


Excessive heat will also lead to severe damage of a hard disk drive’s components. As the temperature rises, disk platters expand and then contract with a temperature decrease. This can result in a distorted magnetic surface that develops micro cracks, a severe defect that compromises data.


Water damage

Water damage caused by spilling a liquid onto a computer device is almost always bad news. Only in specially designed devices will be there be adequate protection built-in.  Most products on the consumer market today are simply not designed to be a barrier against water or other liquids. Water causes unwanted surges in the electrical current which can severely damage your device.

Power issues

Power surges occur when the flow of electricity is interrupted and then restarted again. A power surge is caused by number of reasons from lightning strikes to power line interference. Power surges can result in data loss when the read/write heads fail to function properly. In worst case scenarios, there will be an insufficient amount of power to pull the heads back to the parking zone before the platters stop spinning.

Unforeseen Mishaps

Accidents happens every day, but a true mishap is not as simple as human error. A mishap is that really unlucky accident that can never be planned for. We’ve had a lively debate on the best way to organize that inexplicable 3% of cases we can only define as mishaps. Which we designate here as it’s own special category. Media issues which may need its own sub-catergory are also included with this group.

Obviously there were other ‘left-field’ reasons that resulted in hard disk drive failure. However, during our  research we did not see enough repetition for any to warrant its own special category.

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