Virus and Malware Removal

Are you looking for virus and malware removal Malaysia? We at MyComputer Repair are experts in virus and malware removal in Malaysia. Over the 5 years of operation, we have successfully removed viruses and malware from thousands of laptops and computers in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Selangor. We have made thousands of computers and laptops operational and secured again. Many customers are happy with the satisfactory virus and malware removal and repair services rendered. 

What Is a Computer Virus?

Computer viruses are programs, or pieces of code, that are made to infect and damage computers. Computer viruses are malicious programs that infect computers and corrupt data, as well as disable computer functionality. Viruses can damage data and programs on a computer, and can cause the entire system to crash. Computer viruses replicate themselves and spread to other systems. They are often disguised as legitimate programs and delivered to computers as attachments of legitimate emails. They can also be hidden on web pages and downloaded to computers without the user’s knowledge. Computer viruses infect executable files, documents, and boot sectors of the computer’s hard drive. They can also spread over a network from one computer to another.

The most common types of computer viruses are worms, which are self-contained programs that replicate themselves and spread to other computers, and Trojan horses that appear to be useful programs that hide malicious code. Worms or Trojan horses perform malicious activities on a computer without directly damaging the system.

Computer viruses are malicious programs that are designed to damage or destroy information stored on a computer. New computer viruses are being created every day, and they can affect all types of computers and networks. No matter what kind of computer you have, or what kind of network you are on, a computer virus could attack and cause damage. A computer virus attack can cause all sorts of problems for people.

What Is a Malware? 

Malware (short for malicious software) is a type of software that is installed on your computer without your knowledge or permission. This software is often malicious, which means it’s designed to harm your computer or data in some way, like stealing your private information. Malware can spread through software downloaded from the Internet, or via infected USBs or CDs. Malware can be anything from adware, spyware, ransomware, viruses, worms, Trojans, etc., all of which are programs installed covertly on your computer.

It can also be installed when you click on an email or banner ad that contains a link to malicious software, or when you visit an infected website. However you get infected, malware can cause many problems with your computer, and can even make your computer less secure. The way to protect yourself from malware is to install anti-virus software, make sure your operating system is up-to-date, and be careful about what you click on when you use your computer.

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What Are The Signs Of a Computer Virus?

A computer virus attack can produce a variety of symptoms. Here are some of them:

  • Frequent pop-up windows. Pop-ups might encourage you to visit unusual sites. Or they might prod you to download antivirus or other software programs.
  • Changes to your homepage. Your usual homepage may change to another website, for instance. Plus, you may be unable to reset it.
  • Mass emails being sent from your email account. A criminal may take control of your account or send emails in your name from another infected computer.
  • Frequent crashes. A virus can inflict major damage on your hard drive. This may cause your device to freeze or crash. It may also prevent your device from coming back on.
  • Unusually slow computer performance. A sudden change of processing speed could signal that your computer has a virus.
  • Unknown programs that start up when you turn on your computer. You may become aware of the unfamiliar program when you start your computer. Or you might notice it by checking your computer’s list of active applications.
  • Unusual activities like password changes. This could prevent you from logging into your computer.


If your computer displays such symptoms, it is likely that it is infected with a computer virus. Just bring it to us and let us check it for you. If your computer has been infected with computer viruses, we will remove the viruses for you, recover whatever data that can be saved and secure the computer with an antivirus software. Just bring it to us as soon as possible and let us stop the computer virus infection and secure your computer and the data in it.

Why Choose Us?

Satisfactory Repair Services

MyComputer Repair is a specialist when it comes to repairing computers because we have successfully repaired many computers, laptops and phones throughout the years. There is no computer malfunction that we can't solve.

Efficient Repair Services

We have solved and repaired many computer problems and returned them to the customers within the promised timeframe. We are proud to say that we are never late in delivering repaired computers, laptops and phones back to the clients.

Affordable Repair Services

Our charges for computer repair services have been affordable and that has kept customers coming back to us for more computer repair services because they know that we are honest and we do not simply charge unjustified exorbitant rates. Our customers are very satisfied and happy with our computer repair charges.

Qualified and Professional Technicians

Our technicians are qualified and well trained to do their computer repair jobs. They have gone through rigorous training before they are officially hired by us. Hence you can be assured that your computers, laptops and electronic devices such as phones that need repair are in good capable hands. We will get your device repaired, don't worry!


Trusted and Honest Technicians

The technicians at MyComputer Repair are honest workers who do repair jobs with dedication and professionalism. Do not worry that your data will be stolen or copied because we have a very stringent hiring process and a very tight CCTV security camera area where the technicians operate. Furthermore, these technicians have a very good track record and they have been with us for years since the company was established.

Good Track Record

MyComputer Repair is an established computer repair company with a good track record throughout the years in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. We have served many customers with dedication, responsibility and professionalism. Many customers in the Klang Valley have also become our repeat customers and they have come back to us with their faulty computers for us to repair. With our good track record, you can be confident that we can repair your computers.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do I request for a technician?

You can call or Whatsapp us to request for a quote. Just state your laptop, computer or phone problem in the Whatsapp message. Then we will give you a quote. You can then decide whether to hire our service.

What kinds of repair services do you do?

We do a wide range of computer repair services ranging from laptop and desktop computer repair services to Apple Macbook repair and even phone repair services as well. We fix hardware problems, software problems, remove viruses and malware, do data recovery, hardware and software installation services, computer performance upgrade services, fix networking issues and lots more. Just send your devices to us and we can fix them!

How long will you take to fix my computer?

The duration to fix the computer depends on the severity of the problem and we need to assess and diagnose the problem of your device before we can advise how long it will take us to repair it. It also depends on the number of devices in hand that we have to repair for other clients, hence we can only advise you the timeframe for certain after you have contacted us via call or Whatsapp and after we have assessed the problem of your device.